Administrator or Activation Code


"The CRTI Administrator is a Learning Management System for Everyone "

The CRTI Administrator is a learning management system used by the individual or research organization to manage and track training activities. This LMS service is automatically provided with the purchase of one or more courses at no extra charge.

Our learning management system (LMS) contains a library of clinical research courses, provides tracking of individualized training records including pre and post testing examinations, earned continuing education contact hours, certificates of completion, and course curriculums with learning objectives. All training records are archived under the CRTI administrator and can be printed or downloaded by the individual or research organization. There are two types of CRTI Administrator accounts individual versus group. One is by the individual activating and accessing the courseware the other is by the research organization purchasing group courses to manage and track staff training activities.

CRTI Administrator provides you with the following:
  • Location used to activate and launch course;
  • Training management and tracking;
  • List of the courses purchases, activated, and completed;and
  • Individualized training records.

Individualized Training Records include:

  • Pre and post testing examination scores;
  • Earned continuing education contact hours;
  • Certificates of completion; and
  • Course curriculums with learning objectives.